Tuesday, May 1, 2018

What a Difference

Dear Mom,
Mother Nature finally managed to bless us with 6 consecutive days of sunshine. I cannot remember a more dismal spring- with November gray days, snow, rain, and wind chills. I was suffering from SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) symptoms in April! But what a difference a day or two of sunshine can make. It was still chilly (I was dressed in layers with a wool scarf and headband) but with the sun shining and John, Dear freshly returned from his annual checkup- blades sharpened and spark plugs sparking- I was finally able to get out and mow.

Spring is way behind schedule here on the cul-de-sac. I wander out seeking signs of new growth, buds, blossoms. I see the green spikes of my Lily of the Valley emerging, and the Trillium is up but hasn't bloomed. The redbud trees are just starting to bloom and the serviceberries look like they will any day now.  Early in April, feeling cheated of spring, I ordered 200 bulbs to plant this fall for next spring- If all goes according to plan I'll have drifts of siberian squill and snowdrops in the backyard borders.
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Today, I'll hang sheets to dry on the clothesline.
Tonight, we'll sleep on crisp sheets fragrant with spring sunshine.

The cold weather did allow me an opportunity to wear my most recently finished project. When I started this, I didn't imagine wearing it until late next autumn.

 This is Isager's Tokyo Shawl, in the dark colorway. Rather than knitting garter stitch borders as the pattern instructs, I worked an icord edge along with the body of the shawl so I could hide the yarn tails in the tube created by the icord. 
I've a pretty cardigan on my needles, which I will share as soon as there is something photo-worthy to share. And Donna Reed is getting dressed with a lovely dusty blue and white set of towels.

Off to enjoy the sunshine!

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Christine said...

I've never been so happy to see leaves on the trees before!