Monday, September 28, 2015

One Ball of Sock Yarn

Dear Mom,

I needed a gift for a baby boy and what better than Elizabeth Zimmermann's Baby Surprise Jacket. I love the brilliance of this pattern.  Garter stitches and strategically placed increases result in something that looks like a misshapen dish rag until you do some knitterly origami- just a simple fold, really- and TAH DAAA! A sweater. One seam across the top of each shoulder and sleeve. Self striping sock yarn (I used Berroco Sox) did all the color work and I could concentrate on knitting and counting stitches.

 The normally camera shy Olive decided to check out the area during the photo shoot this morning.
 I guess the camera is only scary when it is pointing at her face.
I found matching buttons in my button jar.
 I was happy to have plenty of yarn leftover to make this cute, cute hat. The pattern for the hat is Charlie's Sock Yarn hat. I made the newborn size. And even after making the three little pompoms, I still had yarn left over.