Monday, February 8, 2010

Old Dogs and other stuff

Dear Mom,
It would seem that Pitsy Patsy SassyFrassy has been teaching the Old Dog a new trick. The former couch potato known as Bumper Joseph, who rarely left his position on the couch unless it was to move to a position on the chair where he could gaze out the window, has figured out that Patsy gets a treat when she is a "big girrllll, gooood dooggggy" outside. Bumper now asks to go outside several times each hour so he can be rewarded with a Snausage when he comes back in. The never thin Bumper may very soon look like a Snausage.

And remember that hyacinth bulb I bought at the end of last year? The one that was all full of sunshine and promise and spring days to come? The one that was going to get me through the dark gray days of winter?
Well here it is!
yep. Nothing. Six weeks of sitting in the windowsill, in a bulb vase. Teasing me and giving me nothin'.
I have 2 more bulbs chilling in a paper bag in the fridge, supposedly ready to see the light of day. I wonder if these will work. I am not holding out much hope. If I have anything pretty to show off, I will share it.

Patsy has her first Puppy Kindergarten class tonight. I am sure there will be plenty about that to tell you tomorrow.