Monday, April 19, 2010

Practical Beige

Dear Mom,
My bee hive and equipment arrived in four big boxes.  I felt like a child on Christmas morning, eagerly opening boxes with excitement and anticipation!  These "fragile" stickers were on the outside of each box.

It is recommended to apply a good quality coat of exterior wood primer and two coats of house paint to protect and prolong the life of the hive.  The guys and I agreed on Practical Beige because it is a light and neutral color.

So...I've been painting....

We found a location at the edge of the woods that catches the morning sun and some afternoon shade.  The Captain built a rustic stand out of apple tree stumps and aged oak planks.  He is so handy and inventive, and I love the way it turned out! With the hive in the middle, I have space on each side to set my equipment.

Voila!  It is fit for a queen!

The bees arrive on April 24!  I think I'm ready....
Love, Bonnie Jo