Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Dog Next Door

Dear Mom,
This is Brewster. 

He is the 106-pound Great Pyrenees/Australian Shepherd dog who lives next door. Brewster is probably the closest I will ever come to having my own dog.  Brewster and his dog-sister Shasta were adopted from the Indy Great Pyrenees Rescue.  The Great Pyrenees breed is often used to guard livestock, especially sheep.  Although separated by a fence, I have observed Brewster patiently watching over my chickens.  He is especially good at scanning the skies for any flying object that could be a threat to our society. 

Last week, a hawk stopped by my back yard, and I don't think it came for a friendly visit.  I have been completely nervous about letting the girls out for their evening stroll ever since.  Over the weekend, I invited Brewster over to my yard to help protect us from the evil hawk.  He arrived on his leash, ready to work.  Marge, Golda and Gloria clucked and scolded him, but otherwise went about their business of scratching and digging.   Brewster enjoyed patroling the yard and keeping an eye on other important issues.  It turned out to be a pleasant experience.

Why would I need my own dog when I've got Brewster next door?!

Love, Bonnie Jo