Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Spring Chicks

Dear Mom,
On their 42nd birthday, I think Wendy and Will are still like spring chicks...energetic and full of life!!
Love, Bonnie Jo

42 Years

Dear Mom,
You saved the best for last! Thanks for showing me how much fun life is!
Love, Wendy

The Twins

Dear Mom,
10 Things Being the Sister of Twins Taught Me

1. People will ask if your brother and sister are identical twins.
2. These same people will ask which baby is the boy and which is the girl even when one is wearing pink and the other blue.
3. Twins do have an exclusive, secret language.
4. Two toddlers, working together, can rearrange the living room furniture.
5. Being able to make car and gun sounds is something boys are born with, but not girls.
6. BOO-NO-BOTTOM-SHOE-COT is a seriously foul toddler curse word.
7. The best doll dress is the one that will get flushed down the toilet.
8. Listening to someone learn to play the violin is painful.
9. They do not like being called "The Twins".
10. No matter how old they are, we will still call them "The Twins".

Happy Birthday Will and Wendy!
Love, Kim