Friday, March 2, 2012

Fiberholics Anonymous

Dear Mom,
In her post titled "Hello My Name is Christine and I am a Fiber Fanatic" , Christine writes about the fiber she had blended and spun from her sheep and alpaca. It is beautiful. It haunted me. 

I stalked Christine, offering to take some of that fiber off her hands if she would be willing to part with just a little bit. 

She was. ( or I bugged her enough that she sold me a cone just to shut me up)

Last week my cone of yarn arrived. This is a 70/30 blend of Blanche and Sammy. (wool and alpaca)
It is absolutely beautiful and I have special plans for this yarn. In the meantime, I am keeping close while I daydream about what it will be someday and to admire it. 

To me, this is as pretty as a bouquet of flowers.

See how pretty it is outside with the crocuses?

For inspiration, it watches Downton Abbey with me.

It hopes to be a pretty lace stole someday......