Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A Blanket For Alejandro . . . er, I mean Thomas

Dear Mom,
Pipsqueak has a friend named Diego. Diego came running to us one afternoon at the bus stop, "My baby brother is here! My baby brother is here!" Pipsqueak and I were very excited and asked the new big brother all about his baby!
"What is his name?"
Pipsqueak and I gushed all over Diego for his vast and incredible knowledge of Alejandro and all things baby.
Alejandro was born 4 weeks early, though. I wasn't ready for Alejandro. I quickly went home and frantically cut strips, sewed strips together and fringed the strips. To make this. For the new baby, Alejandro.

This is loosely based on Fringe Frenzy by Little Red Hen Designs (loosely based because I still have that very bad habit of never reading patterns or instructions). I used baby boy flannels. Here is the back of the blanket.

Pipsqueak and I wrapped the blanket nicely in a ribbon, of course, before we officially wrapped it in darling baby paper.
When we were finally able to deliver our blanket to Alejandro (who was in the hospital for awhile because he was so early), Carla, my friend and Diego's mom, burst into fits of giggles. Fits. Of. Giggles. Couldn't. Stop. Laughing. I gave her a gift with a card addressed to Alejandro. What was so funny?!
"The baby's name is Thomas. Diego just REALLY wanted an Alejandro."
Love, Wendy

Another Family Trait??

Dear Mom,
I think that perhaps along with the genetic traits that have us loving to vacuum, getting holes in the big toe of our stockings and compulsively counting out the correct change, we may be compelled to collect and save ribbons. I didn't realize this until I saw Wendy's ribbons yesterday. Some of hers look very familiar. Very. Familiar.
I am unable to resist a bargain bin full of ribbons. One dollar for a spool of ribbon? Can't beat that! And searching through my ribbons for just the right one is as much fun as going through my button box. One of my favorite ribbon sources is LFN textiles . They have some of the most beautiful, interesting, and unusual ribbons.