Monday, May 23, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

Dear Mom,

It was a busy weekend of good weather and a visit from My Hero's dad. Thanks to their hard work, I had another dozen flower boxes to plant and Patsy has a dozen less escape options. If everything I've planted thrives, the fence will be a show stopper and a Patsy stopper.

I was able to get my garden planted on Friday afternoon. Once upon a time I had the thought of planting rows of beans and corn in succession so I wouldn't be harvesting all at once, but it would seem that thought left my brain once I got out there and started planting. This year I've planted more of fewer things. Except tomatoes. I am hoping less of those will give me enough tomatoes to eat and can without an over abundance. Part of me wants to rush out there and plant a couple more tomato plants for just in case, but that is why I end up with a tomato jungle every year. So this year I'll try being reasonable about them and see what happens. I still have Many Many plants from the seeds I started in March. I've given them to everyone I can think of and still have some left. I'll hang onto them for back ups a little while longer and then... I don't know. I hate the thought of trashing them. In fact I know I just won't be bale to do that. So maybe I will end up with another tomato jungle after all.

When I was planting I realized that I didn't have any new, or enough, row markers. Necessity being the mother of invention, I came up with these, which I think are way cuter than anything I would have purchased ( and could have been way WAY cuter had I taken the time for decorative writing):

This is a small clay saucer stuck half in the ground. I used a sharpie to write Corn. If I'd taken my time and had planned ahead for this, I would have used paint pens to write nicely and added a drawing of corn. I've done the same at the ends of my rows of beans, too. (Except of course, those say Beans.) In the Herb Garden I took the pots that partner these saucers, turned them upside down, and wrote the names of the herbs on the outside of the pots and sat them in the ground next to the plants.

Now comes the waiting part. I go out there two or three times a day and just look at the dirt. Like I am going to see a sprout after 3 hours or something. But I don't want to miss the magic.

And speaking of seeds sprouting...
A finished This is THAT Sweater has been posted on ravelry! The knitter blogs about the sweater, which she made for her Mom (!!), here. It is very satisfying and exciting to see one of my knitting designs "out there"- and especially when the knitter is so happy with the results.

My socks for the month of May are right on schedule despite their getting a late start. With the Dancing with the Stars finale and the Glee finale tonight and tomorrow night, I should have them done with no trouble.

Generic sock pattern, Claudia's Hand Painted yarn- color Toast

This is a beautiful day and I hope to enjoy a bit of it on the back porch. With only 7 more school days left, I need to fill the well with some quiet time.