Thursday, July 2, 2009

Current Events

Dear Mom,
As we usually do when the knitting group gets together, current events are thoroughly covered. It is a winding journey, these topics. Pay attention or you might lose your place.

This past week there were celebrity deaths to discuss. Which led to who was where when they were aerobicizing to Thriller and practicing their Moon Walks. Some of us were married (me), mothers (not me) and there are 2 of us who were still in high school. In fact, the youngest of us exclaimed her shock at Michael Jackson's age, saying, "I thought he was our age!". Two of us quickly pointed out that YES he was our age.

We moved on to really feeling bad about Farrah and how her death wasn't really getting the attention we thought it should, but one of us heard a family member had said that Farrah was private and it was all okay, and then we moved on to The Poster and how it was just everywhere and it really doesn't take much to remember that poster. And that it made a couple of college kids millionaires. It was the poster talk that I am pretty sure led us here:

We all remembered this poster, but, 2 of us clearly remembered a green shirt.

Remember this poster? I had it on my closet door. You know, so I could look at it when I fell asleep and then when I woke up, and some more when I was choosing outfits and getting dressed. It turns out that 2 of us, who at the time were teens living several states apart and would someday meet as knitters and become friends, bypassed the Rocky poster for pure Stallone beefcake.

I remember that Wendy had Shaun Cassidy on her bedroom door. I don't remember which one exactly. All that sugary sweetness starts looking the same after awhile. So I quit looking. I'll leave it to Wendy to take a stroll down that memory lane if she wants to.

And just to close the loop, The Young Lady has a Jonas Brothers picture on her bulletin board.