Thursday, February 28, 2013

A Baby Gift

Dear Mom,
My next door neighbor is expecting her first baby in about 8 weeks and we know it is a boy. His mom and dad are older than the average first time parents (40+) and they are thrilled. I was thrilled that they chose to share the gender when they found out, rather than keep it a secret, so I could start planning the baby's knitted gift.
Knitted baby blankets are probably worth the effort because they get used up and the recipients won't grow out of them, but I don't have the time or stamina to churn one out right now.....even though there is a yarn at the shop that is calling to me. (So far I've stayed strong. And I am trying very hard to avoid that corner of the shop.) Maybe I should have given in, because I then proceeded to hem and haw over exactly what I should knit. Kinda like when you are denying a craving, and no matter what you eat, you still want whatever it is you are craving. I am still thinking about that yarn as a baby blanket.
However, with some encouragement, I finally decided on this.
But even after making the decision that this would be it, and even after buying the yarn (Berocco Vintage), I still had issues. There were things about this pattern, as written, and the practicality of it that were holding me back. And this is where, sometimes, I frustrate myself. Whyohwhy can't I just sit down and knit what the instructions tell me to knit?
What you see here is a heavily modified version of the design. As written, the garment is knit in pieces and sewed together. I decided to work in round. The only seams are in the sleeves.
I was also completely hung up on the fact that the poor mother would have to undress the baby to change his diapers. It's been a Long Time since I've been in that stage, but some things are just not forgotten, and difficult diaper changes is one of theme. I decided that an Exit was needed.
About halfway through the body section, I short rowed some ribbing over most of the back stitches, placed a couple of button holes in there, and bound those stitches off. I then proceeded to cast on the same number of stitches and continue on, in the round, from there.
I've knit this in the 12 month size, in hopes that it will fit just right when cold weather returns next fall and winter. Assuming it ever actually LEAVES. Enough already! 
I think I will purchase a black and white striped onesie to wear underneath these knitted long johns.
Because his parents are bicycling enthusiasts, I sketched bikes onto shrinky dinks and made the buttons.
I hope they like it.
I hope my timing on the sizing works out.
I probably should have made a blanket.