Thursday, September 3, 2009

What I am working on

Dear Mom,
There has been an explosion of knitting activity here. Last week, I started 3 new projects. We will not speak of the projects already in progress. It might shock and shame me to actually list them all.
The smallest of the (new) projects is a gift- a pair of socks. Nothing exciting. We'll move on.
The second is a design idea I have, coming to fruition. Much more exciting. For me, at least.

This is the first all-over lace design I have done and would be moving along at a much quicker pace if:

1) It were the ONLY thing I had on my knitting needles,

2) The lace pattern didn't require my full attention,


3) It weren't black, which limits my time with it to daylight hours. Pretend not to notice that I am blaming the yarn color and not my 48 year old eyes. I may have to move to my winter knitting spot under the Ott lamp to get some after dark knitting time on this one.

I am really excited about this project and as long as it turns out, I will post pictures of its progress.

The last of my (new) projects is a jacket for the Young Lady. This one requires only an occasional glance an needs my attention at only a few strategic points, so it is a perfect tv, evening, and/or social knitting project.

The premature coolish weather, which I am thrilled about, by the way, and a too small fleece jacket are to blame for this project. This is the Child's Surprise Jacket, based on Elizabeth Zimmermann's Baby Surprise Jacket. The surprise in the name comes from the fact that this thing looks nothing like, well, anything until you are almost done and with a clever fold or two, turns itself into a jacket. I have no idea how EZ came up with this one. That woman was a Genius.

Breath held, I asked the Young Lady if she would like me to knit her this jacket to replace the outgrown fleece. She agreed, as long as it "wasn't too scratchy", and I told her that she could choose all the yarns. Even better- we wouldn't have to leave the house! We could go upstairs and spend as much time as we needed sorting through my stash. Win-win. She feels good about the yarns she picked and the fact that she is helping me to put so much of it to good use. I am thrilled to be knitting something for her and to be reducing the (or making more room for) stash. The jacket is moving along at a pretty good clip and as there is an almost urgent need for it, I am motivated! Although, without doubt, the weather will turn unseasonably warm as soon as the jacket is finished.

You raised me right, so I am off to finish today's allotment of housework before I sit down to knit. Better get a move on. I've the daylight hours are getting shorter and I have a lot of knitting to do....