Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Fifth Hen

Dear Mom,
This is what I call my "Fifth Hen".  It makes an appearance in the chicken run every winter.

The Fifth Hen is not just an upside-down clay flower pot and saucer--it is actually a warmer for the hens to cozy up to on cold days.  It is wired with a porcelain socket containing a 75-watt light bulb, and it plugs into an outlet in the coop. I got the "idea" from the February/March 2008 edition of Backyard Poultry.

The heat radiates warmth to the surrounding perch area. 

I often find Meg snuggled up to the Fifth Hen.  She does not have as much heavy feathering and fat as the big girls, and it has been a cold winter!!

I won't argue with the fact that the Fifth Hen probably does more for my conscience than the hens' comfort.  What can I say?  I just adore my girls!

(And I think my girls kinda like me, too!)

Love, Bonnie Jo