Saturday, October 3, 2009

13 Reasons Why

Dear Mom,
It is my BFF's birthday.  Today.  And in honor of her, I am listing 13 reasons why I love my BFF.

13.  She is inspirational.
12.  She is steadfast and true.
11.  She is painfully honest.  Which is good.  And bad.
10.  She is an enormous encouragement.
9.  She is extremely giving.  Of her time.  Of herself.
8.  She is the Queen of Sock.  And she will jump off of a couch quicker than the blink of an eye if you even mutter the words, "Dude!  Free Koigu!!"
7.  She is charismatic.  Don't believe me?  Just watch her in a crowd.  Everyone is pulled in.
6.  She knows her math.  11 + 2 = 13.  And 10 + 3 = 13.  Clearly.  Duh.
5.  She is hilarious.  The funniest woman I know.  I will ever know.
4.  She is a wicked genius.  With her knitting and designing.
3.  She is wicked creative.  You should read her stories.  She has such a way with words.
2.  She is just plain wicked.
And the Number 1 reason I LOVE MY BFF:
1.  She is non-judgmental of me, accepts me for all of my flaws and still allows me to come back to her for her unconditional love. 
Happy Birthday, Brookie!!  I love you; you don't even know how much!