Monday, March 23, 2009


Dear Mom,
It was a full weekend. A weekend full of activity and contrasts.
There were visits with friends from far and near, sleepovers both here and there.
Traffic jams and detours, time behind the wheel and time in the back seat.
Saturday morning, I saw a bride(!?!) in a McDonalds/Shell station:

And Sunday afternoon we were celebrating a cousin's engagement.

Salads, omelets, sandwiches and fries. Her mother's diamond, and a gift of her grandmother's china.

Happy celebrations, engagement rings, reunions of sorts. The pleasure of seeing in her daughter the familiar smile and gestures of an aunt no longer with us, and the sorrow of that as well. Memories shared between cousins, the oldest and youngest of us. The chance to get away for a day and the relief to be back home again.

And Sunday evening I saw a guy at Jimy John's who looked just like Meatloaf. Not the meatloaf you eat, the Meatloaf who sang "Bat out of HEdoublehockeysticks" but you probably don't know that song. At least I hope not. Anyway, I didn't take his picture because I thought he would probably notice and I didn't want to start a rumble. And his arms were covered with tatoos. And his girlfriend could easily have taken me. And my knee is starting to feel better and I didn't want to have to run fast.