Monday, June 29, 2009


Dear Mom,

There are some things girls do that just come naturally. Timeless things.
Things girls will only consider doing during a short time of their lives. Things that girl-to-girl need no explanation. Things you did, I did, and now we see a niece/granddaughter doing. And this is certainly NOT something we intentionally pass down, or a skill we teach the next generation to keep it alive.

I am talking about the Pretend my Hair is Long Phenomenon.

Yes, we all know when we see a girl with her cardigan pulled over her head and hanging down her back, that the PMHILP is at work.

This weekend, we saw a variation of the PMHILP, using a swim cover pulled into a pony tail and pulled through a ball cap. An inspiring new level of achievement on the PMHILP radar.

Nice to know in the uncertain world we live in, that some things don't change.