Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Back to School

Dear Mom,
Hear that? No?! That's because there is NOTHING TO HEAR!!! I am home alone! And, yeah, it is way too early for school to start. WAY to early. I think I need to change the lyrics to Alice Cooper's song from "Schoooooool's out. for. Summer." to " Schoooooooool. Starts. in. Summer."
Summer should have lasted another two weeks. But, now that the big yellow bus has taken them away and I have had time to do the math, and realize that the next SEVEN HOURS are mine to spend in solitude even if that solitude includes cleaning bathrooms, well.... maybe it isn't so early after all.
We took the obligatory Front Porch on the First Day of School picture. And then another because the Young Man was yawning in the first. And another to capture the enormity of the Young Lady's new backpack, stuffed with school supplies. I hope she doesn't lose her balance before that thing is unpacked. The image of a turtle on its shell comes to mind.
So, for the next several hours, I will clean without interruption and it will stay that way until the bus comes. I'd like to think I will have time to read and knit and maybe take a power nap and listen to the dog's heavy breathing as he sleeps the day away. And then take a breath before the bus brings home stories of the first day. And hopefully not too much homework.