Thursday, December 3, 2009

Good old Garter Stitch

Dear Mom,
I managed to stay awake long enough the other night to finish my magazine project.

I am extremely pleased with the results. This design is a departure from my usual aesthetic and construction- the garment is a bit more trendy and is worked side to side. We will have to wait for the September issue of Creative Knitting magazine to see this one in print, and I am curious to see how it will be styled and photographed.

No rest for the weary, though, and Christmas is coming,which means a gift knit was cast on yesterday. I met with my usual bunch and as we had not seen each other for a few weeks, there was a tremendous amount of catching up to do. Words flew as fast as our fingers and at times the revelations required us to set our knitting down and ponder, commiserate, and provide emotional support. And laugh.

My plan was to begin a scarf with a stitch pattern. (The giftee does not read the blog, so I feel it is safe to reveal some details.) Within minutes of starting on the scarf, I could see that the conversation and stitch pattern were not compatible and decided there was nothing to do but garter stitch. In other words, I knit on every row. Nothing but knit. Knit knit knit knit knit. All good.

The knitting every stitch of every row thing should work out fine if I go into sleep knitting mode, too.