Monday, March 16, 2009

Try, try again

Dear Mom,
Tights are the Young Lady's enemy, but the neckline of the Tights-are-the-Enemy top I am knitting for her may be my enemy.
Attempt #1. Way too tight. I only needed to look at it to see that avoiding a loose, sloppy neckline resulted in one that might fit a 2 year old. Ripped.
Attempt #2. Slightly bigger needles and more stitches picked up. And this is what it looks like now.

Not even close. I am getting nervous. If I can't make it work I will have to start over. This is knit from the top down, so when I say start over, I mean START. OVER. Could I have miscalculated? Am I THAT far off?
After the second failure yesterday, I put Tights-are-the-Enemy in Time Out and knit some socks. Mindless knitting to boost my confidence and at the same time allow my mind to explore possible solutions to the neckline problem. Meanwhile, the socks were good company today at the orthodontist and while waiting to pick the Young Man up after school to take him to golf try-outs.