Thursday, February 3, 2011

Day 3

Dear Mom,
We are on our third day of No School thanks to the winter storm. My Hero did go in to work today and the sun is out. Mostly we are managing just fine, but I think I may try to bust outta here this afternoon before I get weird (er).

Being stuck at home is very easy for me. Maybe too easy. I feel my inner recluse gaining power.
Like I said. I better try getting out.

I just don't know if my car will make it back up the driveway when I get home. My neighbor and I have discussed this. She is going for it. We picture a cluster of wrecked cars that have slid back down their respective driveways into the cul-de-sac after being abandoned  by the desperate housewives who left them at the point they could no longer advance. I think I'll wait and see how she does. Or if My Hero can get his car in the garage tonight. See? I am already making excuses with myself to stay home.

Yesterday, I made some pretty yarn.

And last night I finished the first Polska mitten.
Here is a look at the thumb side of the mitten.
See how cleverly Spillyjane matched the thumb to the mitten?
And here is the underside of the thumb.
This is definitely fiddly pay attention knitting, and they are more of a special rather than practical sort of mitten. Not the sort of thing you should try to knit in a hurry. I figure I might be good for one mitten a month, and if I can do that I'll have all the Spillyjane mittens in my queue finished.