Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Dear Mom,
The bicycler had an accident. A large part of his right leg is skinned...and he purposely managed to conceal it from me for 24 hours because he thought I would "freak out" (his words). When he finally revealed his injuries to me, my knees felt shaky and weak, but I did NOT freak out! We promptly visited the neighborhood CVS where I easily spent over $40 in first aid supplies!! That freaks me out!
Love, Bonnie Jo

Jazz Legend

Dear Mom,

There is a jazz legend in the making in our home! The teenager made the Jr. High Jazz Band! Of course, being the supportive cheerleader Mom that I am, my first reaction upon hearing the awesome news was, "Seriously?!" (It is fierce competiton to earn a spot in the jazz band and I didn't want the teenager to dash my hopes for him in an attempt to pretend like he didn't care about not making the jazz band!) The teenager answered in a rather deservedly impatient way, "Yes, Mom!" He has worked very hard learning the trombone, we have listened to many interesting noises and Keeper still hides under the bed when she sees the trombone coming downstairs for an impromptu concert! All of his hard work is paying off, though and I am so proud!
Love, Wendy