Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Dude's got a Car!

Dear Mom.

The Buddy got his own car.

Let me say that again. The Young Man's best buddy has a car.
You can NOT imagine the frenzied level of excitement that the Buddy's car has generated.

Buddy arrives and gives the horn a quick tap... just to let us know he is here, you know.
As Buddy hops out of the car, and I rush out the door to capture this momentous occasion on film  er   digits  oh whatever.... he spouts off details that only matter to boys- the year, the make, the mileage..... and then he pops the HOOD.

Now, I am pretty sure that the Young Man has NO IDEA what they are looking at, but they both point at stuff and admire the engine area.
I comment on the 'looks almost brand new' condition of the car and Buddy proudly tells me the classic "Old Lady who only Drove it to Church" story. In this case, considering the cars age and low mileage, it may actually be true.

The Young Man and Buddy take a spin around the cul-de-sac and share a celebratory bag of Cheetos.

Until April, when The Buddy has had his driver's license long enough to legally drive with another minor without an adult present, the car will be a glorified play pen parked in the driveway with the two friends tucked inside.

"How long are they gonna stay out there?" asked the Young Lady.
"A long time," I told her. "Don't worry about it. It is good."

A short time later, the Young Man raced in asking for one of these relics from the past. Something that suddenly got a whole lot more cool....