Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Gentle Chickens

Dear Mom,

Before I acquired my backyard chickens, I did some research to find a docile breed with a calm and patient personality.  I chose the Orpington

From the moment the chicks arrived, they were treated with gentleness.  We softly sang to them and said, "Chick, chick, chick" whenever we approached the brood box.  We spent time with them, walking slowly, talking quietly, and offering treats.  They were never chased or grabbed.  We picked them up, pet them, and released them carefully back onto the soft ground.  The chickens soon learned to recognize our voices and come running when called, always to be rewarded with a handful of corn!

We taught the curious neighbor children how to get acquainted with them.  Of course, there were times when they tried to chase them...but they quickly learned that slow movements, and clumps of grass and fresh worms fed by hand got better results!   

The girls are begging for treats from Little J
The hens have a good life and the children have a rewarding experience.  I have the joy of raising a healthy flock of backyard chickens and making some great memories with these adorable children!

Miss A and Gloria

Love, Bonnie Jo