Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Dear Mom,
I'll get you my pretty!!!
And your little dog, too!!!

We had a frightfully fun Halloween night!!  I took off my mask and revealed my true character.  Pipsqueak dressed as my "familiar" (in the words of the Teenager!)  We walked around the neighborhood putting spells on the neighbors that didn't cough up the good candy and we cackled with favorite neighbor friends, too!!  One of our neighbors turns his garage into a haunted house, complete with black light AND strobe light!!  It is the "favorite" house and every year we laugh at all of the screams and giggles coming from their house!!

Part of my witch costume was a pair of knitted socks that I knit in 10 days.  Knee socks!!  I knit them cuff down and sort of came up with the pattern by myself.  [I googled knee socks and couldn't find a pattern that wasn't toe up so if anyone would like a fairly decent cuff down knee sock pattern, please leave a comment or contact me at the email address.]

After the trick-or-treating, we enjoyed time with our neighbors outside around our fire pit.  The kids ran around the cul-de-sac swinging glow sticks over their heads and eating too much candy.  I LOVE Halloween!!!!