Monday, January 18, 2010

Frozen Jeans and a Sweater Shaver

Dear Mom,
Today I learned how to remove a whole pack of gum that was stuck inside the pocket of a pair of jeans after going through a wash cycle.
Love, Bonnie Jo

more pretty stuff

Dear Mom,
I lost track of most of an evening spinning about half of the roving that Dianne sent to me.
This may be the prettiest stuff yet.

I draped it on the back of a dining room chair and spent some time admiring it yesterday while I knitted on a sweater. I am collecting pretty scarf and shawl patterns now- small projects and simple patterns that will show off the yarn.
Thanks to some Pacers basketball tickets and the Colts game over the weekend, I am ahead of the sock schedule. With the damp, grey weather, I just wish I could stay ahead of the mud.