Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Golda's Giant Egg Part I

Dear Mom,
I don't know whether to say "Holy Cow!" or "Holy Chicken!"  Look at this HUGE egg!

Golda hasn't laid an egg for two days.  This one looks like two eggs put together!  Stay tuned to see what's inside.  I will probably crack it open tomorrow.  Maybe its a double-yolker (twins)!!

Love, Bonnie Jo


Dear Mom,
I think the weekend was so uneventful that I barely remember any of it. I spent the cold rainy days getting mostly caught up on laundry, listening to some good books, and knitting. I did not knit one stitch on the next sock, nor did I work on The Green Sweater. Instead I got the fever to start a shawl with some of my first handspun, and nearly have it finished.
I am using the Boneyard Shawl pattern, #10 needles, and I have no idea what my gauge is. The beauty of this sort of shawl pattern is that gauge really does not matter. The shawl starts at the neck edge, center back and works out. You stop when you are ready to stop, or when you run out of yarn. It is perfect for using up yarn- on this one I'll knit until I am almost out of yarn, do some garter stitch at the lower edge and bind off. I should be able to get this off the needles today and block it. I'll have Elle model the shawl once it has finished blocking.

And, except for weaving in the yarn ends, the scarf I knit for the Superbowl 2012 Project is finished.

I really, really, really  like this scarf. The pattern is simple but interesting and addicting. Adapting this pattern, which was written for fingering weight yarn and using Cascade 220 was easy enough.  I got the book  I ordered, The Fine Line by Grace Anna Farrow, who designed this scarf, and I feel a shawl frenzy coming on. Which probably explains why I needed to knit that Boneyard Shawl.
Busy afternoon- The Young Man has golf team tryouts and The Young Lady, inspired by the Olympics, is starting ice skating lessons. Before you make the leap to double toe loops, stop.  She wants to be a speed skater. ( I think my admiration for Apolo Ohno has rubbed off.) The thing is, I think she could do it if she really wants to. I'll let you know....