Friday, October 16, 2009

Emergency Knitting

Dear Mom,

Okay, I confess. I started knitting another North Porch Hat last night during Project Runway. I may knit more hats than I know people with heads that would wear them before this craze wears down. Such is my obsession, that I took the hat with me to the blood drive at My Hero's office this morning. Even though the voice in my head was counselling me that this was Unrealistic and Knitting would be Impossible with one arm occupied by the donation. Still, I had my knitting in my lap the whole time. Never knit a stitch, but it was there just in case. I even brought the larger sized needles I would need if the hat got that far.

I learned that yogurt and granola is not a substantial breakfast if one is to donate blood. I felt a bit peckish afterwards and was rewarded with a Sprite in addition to my orange juice and cookie, and a longer rest time. I was kept company by another donor who was feeling even worse than I was. I am thinking that the office may want to rethink hosting blood drives at the same time there is an in-office Biggest Loser competition going on. All that crashing blood sugar is not a pretty sight.