Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Donna Reed

Dear Mom,
Donna Reed hasn't had much attention lately. It pains me to admit that she has been sitting naked since January.
Last weekend I corrected that. My plan was to use some of the wool that I'd spun and dyed to weave a scarf. I dug into my stash and found a perfect lace weight yarn to use as the warp. I wound the warp and dressed Donna Reed on Saturday afternoon and started weaving. I was happy that I remembered all the steps in that process since it had been so long. It felt good to be back at the loom. ( Even if my back ached the next day. And the day after that.)

Sunday night I ran out of the handspun yarn.
And the " scarf " is only 4 1/2 feet long.

Clearly I have a lot to learn.

The little stub of a scarf is pretty, though. I want to figure out something to do with it. Maybe felt it and cut it into coasters? Any ideas for a 7 x 44 inch swatch of hand woven wool?