Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Groundhog Indeed!

Dear Mom,

The *!@##!@@!*# groundhog may have been right but I am scoffing at that furry little dirty rodent! It may be snowing outside and we may be under another winter weather advisory, but today I am sending sunshine, warmth and good cheer through the mail. I am working on writing thank you and I-love-you-so-much! notes this morning, using sunflower notecards and my fountain pen! I think you should be checking your mailbox; I'll bet you'll find something there soon!!
Love, Wendy

The Groundhog was Right

Dear Mom,

The groundhog was right.

This is what it looks like out my front door right now.
I am trying to hang on to that hopeful attitude of yesterday. And yesterday, I got a lot done. After a trip with The Young Lady to the orthodontist, I spent most of the afternoon with Rowena Rowenta and a book in my ears.....

Rowena has a bit of a problem with incontinence. (She leaks.) I am trying to be patient with her- it could be me someday. Plus, like me she gets hot pretty quickly. I just wish I could adjust the heat as readily as Rowena can.

Mrs. Yoder, the Amish drying rack we found in Shipshewana, did an awesome job drying my sweaters over the weekend. Here she is, extended to her full height. (I had to stand on the bed to reach the top rack) Mrs. Yoder is one sturdy Amish gal. She is holding onto 7 wool sweaters and 13 pairs of socks with room to spare. All handknits and all dry the next day! I am loving Mrs. Yoder.

And last night I finished kntting these-

Dimorphouse Mittens from mimknits. com

AND I had only this much yarn left!

I covered the buttons and sewed them on this morning.

I guess it is a good thing the groundhog was right- we get a bit more time to enjoy our handknits. Tomorrow I will show you what I am going to knit for February.