Monday, December 7, 2009


Dear Mom,
It was a weekend of all-day fires in the fireplace, and hot cocoa.
We watched Holiday Inn- I can never watch too much of that stylish and graceful Fred Astaire.
My Hero and the Young Lady decorated the front porch with Christmas lights.
And I did some fireside knitting and spinning.

Yes, spinning.

Meet Daphne Joy.

I met Daphne Joy at Open Spin on Sunday afternoon and couldn't go home without her. Daphne is an Ashford Joy spinning wheel. She is quite compact, folds up to stay out of the way if I need her to, and she will transport easily (because I realistically admit that I will need advice and instructions from the experienced spinners at Tabby Tree Weavers). I have loads to learn, and it just seemed to make sense to learn it on my own spinning wheel. I've managed to fill up almost two spools already! I am washing  small batches of the raw fleece, and then carding and spinning it as I go along.

So, Mom, if you are handed a Christmas gift that is er....... well......finished.....I am thinking you can probably guess what got in the way.