Thursday, February 14, 2013


Dear Mom,
First, Happy Valentine's Day!

Next, what a productive visit we had to the quilt store. It was a whirlwind. - Especially since we were cutting it close, time wise. Lucky for us the Young Lady's after school activity was cancelled and she rode home on the bus. Thank goodness we were spared the need to kick up some gravel in the parking lot when we left the quilt shop, and then fish-tail our way into the school parking lot.

So, here are a couple of dress fabric/cardigan sweater yarn combos I now have in my sewing and knitting queues. (I think an extra set of arms would be a good thing right now, but then the dresses and sweaters would not fit.)

Combo #1.
A strong possibility for Easter.
I draped the fabric around Elle and then added the sweater in progress on top of that for a better idea of How It Will Look:
Tights have been ordered. If I ordered the right colors, and once I decide which color to wear, I will show you. And I have black danskos.

Combo #2.

I've been admiring This Sweater for quite awhile. I've had the yarn for it for a month or two. I will make the body in a rusty heather and make my birds blackbirds.
Here is the yarn with the fabric I purchased:
Black tights. And I have some rusty red tapestry dansko clogs that will look c.u.t.e. (or stupid).

I also got fabric for two more tunic tops, but I will share those another time.  I have an idea for one of those tops that involves a thrifted mans' tuxedo shirt. It could be awesome or it could be an epic fail. Stay tuned.

And lastly.
Last night, with my friend (formerly known as ConnieWhoNeverHeardofBobbySherman, but who will henceforth be Sassenach) and I fueled our Outlander/James Fraser obsession and went to see the Black Watch Pipes and Drums and Scots Guard performance at the Palladium.
Bag pipes, drums, Highland Dancers, Men In Kilts.
There were Men In Kilts in the audience, too. Sassenach and I discovered that our gushing teenage selves were not buried too far beneath our MarriedWithChildren exteriors.
I took a stealth photo at the end of the performance using the Museum setting on my camera ( no flash, no noise). We were alone in our orchestra box, so I wasn't disturbing anyone and there was very little risk of being caught. The resulting photograph is blurred, but I'll just call it a misty water-colored memory.
The performance was moving and inspiring. The bagpipe music was haunting and beautiful. Included was a tribute to our Armed Forces and the performance started with God Save the Queen and the Star Spangled Banner. What a treat. An evening to fill the well being of my soul.

Time to get enough housework done and get those fabrics washed and dried so I can start sewing!