Monday, January 17, 2011

January's Socks

Dear Mom,
I've finished my January socks!

After finishing those, I pulled out one of the leftover yarn linen stitch scarf kits I made for myself and started working on that. I've also had a cardigan pattern brewing in my brain and did a little swatching and brainstorming on that yesterday afternoon. I love being productive!

A couple of weeks ago I talked with a local printer about having some of my photos turned into notecards and this morning I picked up my order. I am very happy with them.

Printed on white 80lb card stock, blank inside, featuring a variety of knitting related photos. I am entertaining the thought of opening an etsy shop and selling them. What do you think?

I need about 6 more hands. Merrilymarylee has given me an idea for a scarf design, and Bonnie Jo needs a wrap to wear in the morning- something to cover her shoulders with a button closure. I guess she got the idea from Golda. Marge and Gloria.