Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Dish cloths and tennis meets and other stuff

Dear Mom,
I've been watching a fair amount of high school tennis these past couple of weeks, and I take knitting along with me to alleviate some of my nerves. It helps my stomach not to churn itself up too much if I have knitting in my hands. Unfortunately, the knitting I would like to be working on is at the point that I really need to pay attention which means it has not been tennis friendly. So it shames me to admit that I have been knitting dish cloths in public. Not that there is anything wrong with knitting dish cloths. Nothing AT ALL. Because actually my favorites are the hand knit ones. It's just that this sort of public knitting is not going to do anything to promote the art of knitting.

But, they (the dish cloths) are mindless knitting and heaven knows I need some new ones. Why is it that the hand knit ones are always the ones to get chewed up in the garbage disposer? The store bought ones never sneak down there. Except I am pretty sure that this one has Patsy's name all over it.....

And speaking of Patsy....
She keeps trying and trying,

and trying to sneak this through the dog door and into the house.

Let's just take a step back and take another look at that last photo. Just promise you'll pretend not to notice the clutter on that kitchen desk.

Because even Bumper knows that this isn't right.

Ishbel is moving along rapidimento. I have a scant 15 rows to go to finish!

I'll show you once it is blocked. This could easily be the start of Ishbelitis.