Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Friday Night Weekly Dinner Date

Dear Mom,
Without fail, every Friday night, we enjoy The Friday Night Weekly Dinner Date with one of my BFFs.  Our families get together at one or the other's house and we share dinner.  Sometimes it's pizza ordered; other times it's delicious grilled steaks.  It's not really about the food.  It's the friendship.  The memories.  The love and laughter.  Shared lives.  We have spent long hours by an outdoor fire, loud and laughing at first; quiet and reflective as the fire dies down late into the night.  My diva usually snuggles on Joey's lap and they whisper quietly to each other. There have been riotous games of Spoons and we have seen some mighty fierce wrestling between all of our boys for that last spoon.  Who will come up victorious?!?!  We have spent long snowy Friday evenings watching movies and eating David's popcorn from his famous cast iron pot.
This past Friday night I made some beer bread and a big pot of  Burgundy Beef Stew.  We enjoyed The Goonies and the kids played Monopoly after the movie.  Shortly after midnight, I heard a loudly whispered from the bottom of my stairs up to my sleeping ears, "Thanks, Wendy, for another fun evening.  I'm going home now . . . . " from the oldest neighbor boy.  I groggily shouted a "good night!" and "Who won the Monoploy game?!"  

Today on this rainy dreary Fall day, I enjoy a bit of Friday night all over again with my leftover stew in my favorite mug for lunch!!

The soup is healthy for me; The Friday Night Weekly Dinner Date warms me!!