Thursday, March 29, 2012


Dear Mom,
One peek at my dining room table and it will be clear that I have more ideas than time. Or sense.
And while I can't seem to make progress as quickly as I would like, I can show you some happy endings...

First, the coral yarn is now a sweater.

I finished the knitting during a road trip last weekend and purchased the buttons on a detour to Ewenique Knits, in Royal Oak, MI. It's hard to see in the photo, but the buttons have a soft leafy florally thing in shades of coral, spring green and periwinkle. Exactly what I wanted!

the Polska mittens (started over a year ago) are finished. There is nothing like an important birthday for motivation. 
Those mittens were some seriously fiddly knitting, but totally worth it. Especially when I saw how happy the Collector of Polish Pottery was to receive them!

Of course there are new projects on the needles, dye experiments on the back porch, books, roving, and fabric on the dining room table. And the grass is growing. Oh! And the dogs are shedding. Focus, Kim. Focus.