Thursday, June 11, 2009

Summer Begins!

Dear Mom,
Today was our last day of school. I host an annual desperate-housewives-mourning-the-last-day-of-school brunch. We make it a priority to have our peaceful brunch with each other before the hectic summer begins. We have so much fun celebrating the school year and prepping each other for the upcoming summer. Friends have moved away and new friends have been welcomed. We eat yummy breakfast food and drink mimosas or coffee with "flavors".

We also throw water balloons at the kids when they get off the bus and give the kids ice pops. This year we filled 750 water balloons!!
It was another huge success and the kids had fun, too! Let the summer begin!
Love, Wendy

The Young Man's Summer, week 1

Dear Mom,
This is what the Young Man is doing this summer. Driver's Ed.
I have two crystal clear memories of when I was learning to drive: Daddy's laugh the first time I stepped on the break, bringing the car to an abrupt halt, sending us lurching forward; and you yelling "LEFT" so I wouldn't plow down a row of mailboxes in the neighborhood.
I am trying reallyreallyreally hard not to shout "LEFT" when the Young Man is driving. I may curse myself one day, but I did ask him to speed up and at least drive the speed limit. I was afraid he would be late to class if we continued crawling along at just-above-idle speed.
I am considering having a large "Student Driver" magnet made to stick on the car when he is behind the wheel. Kind of a New Millennium version of "Baby on Board".