Friday, September 18, 2009

Vibrant Individuals

Dear Mom,
While the Young Man was making his own High School Homecoming memories- walking with the tennis team in the Homecoming Parade, and watching the Powderpuff Football game- I was spending the evening with my two bestest friends from High School, Polly and Jill.

We did not say "cheese". We said, "Chins UP!"

We did not do too much reminiscing, though, because THANKFULLY we are all still living our lives, and they are all individual, interesting, rich, happy lives at that. We all still have much to accomplish. We care about each other's todays.
The three of us have not been together for years, but it was as if no time had passed. The only evidences of the years gone by were the presence of alcohol and the absence of Noble Roman's pizza.... And the fact that Polly told Jill what she would be wearing as if we would be unable to recognize her..... And that I needed cheaters to read the menu and Polly told us she has cataracts (thank goodness Jill is the Lasix Miracle, in another ten years we may need her to read the menu next time we get together).... but really, we are the same!!!!! THE SAME, I TELL YOU!!!

While awaiting Polly's arrival, Jill and I warned the manager that we three would be talking and laughing, possible loudly, and that he would be wise to seat us in an area where we would disturb the least amount of people, like, possibly, our own ROOM. We also gave him permission to Shush! us if he needed to, but that we would probably not stay shushed for long. (We did get shushed, but only in jest.) We also warned our good-natured waiter, Brian, that we would be in his booth for the entire evening. Brian is a real pro, barely pausing in the midst of taking Jill's order to pose for this candid shot. And he took the excellent photo of the three of us.
It occurred to me after my day with Jill last week, and was echoed again last night, that as high school friends, were all individuals. Each of us secure enough in ourselves and our friendships to pursue our own interests. We did NOT have to do everything together, belong to the same clubs, have only each other as friends. Which is remarkably mature, I think, considering we found each other when we were what? 14? 15? We were lucky to have found each other.
I just thought of another difference from the Noble Roman's days. We were home shortly after 9. Polly had to go to work today; I had to get home to the Young Lady and Project Runway. And, except for the Lasik Miracle, our eyes probably don't drive at night so well anymore.
It was fun. I miss them already.