Saturday, December 4, 2010

Another Cowl Catcher and a New Escape Route

Dear Mom,
During our Family Movie Marathon last night I was able to finish another Cowl Catcher. Successfully checking another gift off the list. Same yarn as yesterday's cowl, different color. Perfect buttons- purchased with the yarn at Mass Ave Knit Shop. (Wendy- Susan says Hi! and to stop by next time you are in town!)
This morning we discovered that Patsy, being the smart, clever girl we know she is, has made herself a new escape route.
The fence has been repaired. Despite this, I have to say that Patsy is doing very well on her new regime and we couldn't be more pleased. Every day is a bit better. And while I wish she would just stay put in the backyard, I don't blame her for wanting to occasionally go visit her backyard friends, Buddy and Simon.