Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sunflowers and Dragonflies

Dear Mom,
It is only 22 degrees outside. My cheery window thermometer says so. I am longing for warmer days...I want to smell the fresh cut grass, listen to the hummingbirds buzzing and twittering, see the tops of the hosta pushing through the earth, and feel the warm garden soil in my hands! I know it won't be too much longer!
Love, Bonnie


Dear Mom,
This yellow week has been interesting. I thought it would be a challenge to come up with yellow stuff, but now that I've been looking, I see yellow everywhere. I have too many yellow pictures to show in one week! So today I am giving you two. Yellow slides, one at the indoor pool in the Monon Center and the other in my back yard.
The slide in the backyard doesn't get much use any more. The kids have mostly outgrown it and actually use it more to climb up into the tree fort than to slide down, but it is a touchstone to the toddler years and the memories of the Fathers Who Built It, and so it shall remain in my backyard.
Yesterday, I finished knitting the February Lady Sweater. She is washed and blocking and if dried in time to sew on a clasp, she will have her debut tomorrow. I will definitely take a picture.
But today, the hampers are full of laundry, a pattern needs to be proofread before sending it off to the magazine editor and I imagine I will take the vacuum cleaner out for a spin before the kids get home from school.
Keep warm. It is cold out there!


Dear Mom,

Sunflowers are David's favorite flowers. I think we would plant sunflowers all over the hill every summer if we could.

This is a picture that I bought for David a few years ago. It is the first thing we see when we come in from the garage. It makes coming home from the grocery store and lugging in all the groceries, or all the boxes from Costco, much brighter.

This is the sunflower picture we have in our front entry way. This is the first picture we bought together when we bought our first house. It was in our bedroom in our old house and when we moved to our "adult" house, we hung it in our entry way to welcome loved ones.
Hope your day is full of sunflowers and warmth!
Love, Wendy