Thursday, December 10, 2009


Dear Mom,

From this:

bag o'wool

To this:

small amount of washed wool, drying

And a couple of spinning classes and a new spinning wheel later.....


Isn't it pretty?! This is about 100 yards of hand spun yarn, and only represents a very small dent in the bag o'wool. Not enough to make even a hat. YET. But I will get there!
I am finding that a little spinning is a nice break from a marathon of knitting. Still LOVE knitting best, though. Lots of knitting swirling around in my brain begging to be let loose. The nice thing about spinning (so far, until I get carried away, which is a definite possibility) is there is no urgent need for it to all be spun at once. NO deadline. Just relax and spin away and continue to add up the yardage. I am kinda excited to knit with it, though!

This is where you tell me to Settle Down, Kim. Remember the Christmas knitting?

My personal wool suppliers (GaryandCarol) have been updated on the status of the gifted bag o'wool and more has been promised.  I see myself headed down a slippery slope. Will I be brewing vats of dye in the back yard next summer?

Settling Down, now.