Thursday, August 5, 2010


Dear Mom,
It is no secret that Doris Day is one of my favorites of all time!  Pillow Talk with Rock Hudson?!  My favorite movie.  Ever.
It is also no secret that I am a lover of all things vintage.  I shop for vintage clothing, wear vintage jewelry, choose vintage over new--whatever, whenever--and I ride Grammie's bike every chance I get!!
So it should come as no surprise that when the family mini-van died a month ago, I didn't shed a tear.  And I didn't look for another mini-van.  I took my time.  And I found her.  Doris.

She is a 1977 Mercedes 280E.  Isn't she darling?
I have a trunk for my picnic basket and quilt!  The interior is brown leather to match the outside of the car and it has the original brown/green shag carpet on the floors!!  Immaculate condition!!  Ahhhhh -- it's love!  One of her most charming features?!  We have to unlock our doors the old fashioned way!  I have heard myself say with a giggle, "Slide over the seat and unlock the back door!"  But she is also fancy for her time--electric windows and an electric moon roof!  Like most things, her beauty is in her simplicity.

I think we were made for each other!
I can't wait to tie a scarf over my hair and drive over to visit!!