Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Summer Evenings

Dear Mom,
Now that summer is unofficially here and I am with children all day (I know, I only have 3 but they have morphed into many more and they bring their friends along, too), it is time for campfires, s'mores and tent sleeping. Activities all begging for Daddy while I am in the air conditioned house enjoying my "refreshments" too!

Enjoy your summer evenings!

Love, Wendy

Happiness = A Kindred Spirit

Dear Mom,
The best part of my weekend ( besides the coming home part) was spending time with my sister in law. She married into The Family ten years before I did, and I cannot begin to tell you the many ways she and I are alike (we surprise ourselves sometimes) or how thankful I am that she is just there.
She is the quilter to my knitter. I should have photographed her quilts while we were there. You would love them. Her fabric stash rivals my yarn stash. On Sunday, we were able to break away and visit a quilt shop and a yarn shop, both within a few blocks of each other, and both places an oasis after our time with The Family.
The yarn shop we visited was ....have you any wool?. I found some of my favorite sock yarn, Claudia's Handpainted.

This colorway reminds me of a box of chocolates.

And this one, I think, will look great with a pair of jeans.

A new ( to me) yarn was pointed out, and my Kindred Spirit picked out this color so I can make her a pair of socks as a thank you for her hospitality.

It is Panda Silk, a blend of Bamboo, merino wool and silk. It feels heavenly.

So I bought a couple of balls for me! I will use it to make this.

And if I could just knit faster, or sleep less, or teach the dog how to vacuum ...