Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Give Away

Dear Mom,
Everything offered except for the mitten kit that looks like shamrocks has (have?) found new homes.  The Blue Sky Alpaca yarns had 2 nice people ask for it, so I had My Hero reach into a North Porch hat and pick one of those names. Congratulations, "Anonymous",  you win!
I've emailed all the winners and as soon as I have their mailing addresses, the goods will be on their way.
Thanks and Congratulations to Elaine, who will soon have the Carrots and Beets mitten kit and the Suri Silk. I'd like to know what brain storm inspired Elaine to ask for the Suri Silk. I love Brain Storms.
And Thanks and Congrats to Reneelynn, to whom I will happily dispatch the Cupcakes mittens kit.
This was a fun way to give good homes to neglected yarn and projects.