Sunday, October 25, 2009


Dear Mom,
So, I showed this picture to Bonnie Jo along with a few others I took on my walk last week. Apparently, Bonnie Jo has some issues with grasshoppers dating back to our Mintern Lane days. I don't remember the incident she mentioned to me, and I am putting pressure on her to share the story. It has something to to with Cruelty to Insects. She is haunted by the memory.

The only insect cruelty I can recall is pulling the legs off of the Daddy Long Legs spiders and watching the spiders try to make a crooked escape while the amputated legs continued to move where we dropped them.

I think that I turned out okay. I am not a serial killer or anything, unless we are talking about insect serial killing and then yes, I admit it. I will not hesitate to step on and squish beyond recognition any spider I see.