Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My Other Twin

Dear Mom,
Do you remember this outfit?

I bought it three years ago when all of the April Cornell stores were closing.  It didn't matter that at the time, it was waaaaaayyyyyy too small for me.  Green with white polka dots always give me the warm fuzzies--I had to have it.  You and Bonnie Jo both questioned my lack of reason at the time.  "Are you sure?!" you lovingly (and a bit skeptically!) asked.  There really was no possible way it could ever fit.  And you both looked at me like I had gone off the deep end.
I am happy to report that after seventeen months of completely changing the way I eat and easing into exercise (I started out slowly walking to now running several miles daily!) I am now wearing my favorite outfit!!  And I am even happier.
I look like my other twin again . . . .
Huge Judy was my size when she was sewn for me (by you!) on my 5th birthday!  She looks fabulous for 38, doesn't she?!?!  She has kept her figure quite nicely and is still wearing her original dress.  Is it any wonder I love my green and white polka dots?!
Pipsqueak is now the keeper of "Huge Judee" and loves her almost as much as I do!