Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Until today

Dear Mom,
Until today it hasn't felt like we should be counting down to Christmas, or that Thanksgiving was just last week. Sure, we've enjoyed some nice fires in the fireplace and I've been knitting like Christmas is coming. I've even tuned the car radio to the Christmas music station. But Yesterday I had the thought that we might just skip over the winter weather this year. Then we woke up this morning to snow flurries and bitterly cold temps. Wind chills in the teens. So nevermind. It feels like winter and Santa Claus out there.

Today I will interrupt my Christmas knitting schedule to take this handspun
which is a much more vibrant green than I was able to capture in the picture, and turn it into a North Porch hat for the Young Lady. Because somehow, in a house full of wool and handknits, she couldn't find a hat this morning. Trust me. There are hats. Just not the right hat for the mood this morning, I guess. Don't worry, Mom, her winter coat has a hood so she was warm enough at the bus stop.

I may have been in more of a knitting frenzy than I thought, because last night the Young Lady pointed out to me that the fingerless mitts I knitted for the girl who cuts her hair were not the same length. In my best ever-so-patient Mom voice, I told her that they were exactly the same, but they probably looked different because of the yarn stripes.
Then she laid them side by side.


Clearly I am in deep denial about more than the winter weather.