Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Road Less Traveled

Dear Mom,

One of the challenges and blessings of having a student driver is the necessity of finding alternate routes. Avoiding speed limits of, let's say, greater than 30mph. So, as we wind our way to the high school taking the indirect, slow road, we see things we may not have passed by otherwise.

Last week, in a moment of almost relaxed bravery, and only after scanning the 1/2 mile ahead of us for potential danger, obstacles, children, animals and CARS, I managed to take my eyes off the road and was rewarded with this creative garden ornament.

The entire bike has been painted to match and planted with the petunias. Of course, I didn't dare take this photo while the Young Man was behind the wheel and it was only when I was driving back home after dropping him off, did the Young Lady snap the shot for me.