Monday, March 9, 2009

My Pipsqueak

Dear Mom,
Brace yourself. There may be something wrong with me. I blinked and my Pipsqueak went from this:

(5 minutes old, with her broken little collar bone)! To this:

(13 months old and taking on the world)! To this:

I blinked. I just blinked. She was just my little baby bundle of joy. Now she is six. She is in kindergarten. She is reading. She wants her fingernails painted and plans to have slumber parties. But she is my baby.

Pipsqueak's favorite color is red so we are having Red Velvet Cake (Grammie's recipe) with Cream Cheese Frosting. We also dipped marshmallows in red chocolate and heart sprinkles for her class.

Daddy painted nails for the big day!I think she is ready to have a very happy birthday! We are going to celebrate her very important six years, but I'm going to try not to blink!
Love, Wendy