Wednesday, January 20, 2016

On my needles

Dear Mom,

I took advantage of the sunshine yesterday to take some photos of the projects on my knitting needles.
I also got a quick stealthy photo of Olive before she realized I had a camera in my hands.

 First up,  #2 Pencil Socks. This cleverly dyed yarn came from the appropriately named etsy shop Yarn Enabler. While I was ordering the pencil socks it seemed silly not to order Paper to go with them. My Young Lady plans on wearing one of each.

In early December I started knitting a Yoga Shawl. I am not doing yoga, just knitting a shawl called Yoga.  Certainly Yoga Shawl is much more appealing than Elliptical Machine Shawl. This is a pretty simple knit- a long rectangle with some stitch patterning on each end. The thing about this pattern that appealed to me is that buttonholes are worked in half of one side and on one end (obviously buttons are sewn on the other half of the side and opposite end) to make this rectangle very versatile. The designer has a video demonstrating some of the ways this shawl can be worn-- scarf, wrap, poncho, faux cardigan. I am using one of my favorite yarns- Elsebeth Lavold's Silky Wool.  My hope is that the versatility of this shawl makes it perfect for traveling. The challenge to this project will be finding the 30 or so buttons I will need!

I am most excited about this next project.  I haven't been this excited about a knitting project in a long time.  This one is not a quick knit. It is, however, a forever, classic sweater.
This is Meg Swansen's Fair Isle Cardigan from the book Meg Swansen's Knitting. I am using Harrisville Shetland. Choosing colors was overwhelming until I decided to go with the palette I saw looking out into my backyard on a rainy autumn day. Despite the fine yarn and needle size (I have over 300 sts on my needles) the knitting goes quickly as I anticipate the color and pattern changes on each row. The only down side to this sort of knitting is that it is definitely NOT social knitting and is barely even TV knitting. Anything on television has to be a companion, not concentrated viewing while I knit this.

All these projects should be enough, but I catch myself wanting to cast on something quick and simple like fingerless mitts, or something completely mindless like a garter stitch hat or shawl.  So far I've managed to resist temptation and not spread myself too thin....

Stay WARM!