Tuesday, November 24, 2009

An Etiquette Lesson

Dear Mom,

The Young Lady's teacher(s) deserve recognition for their efforts in teaching important life skills to their students. Today was the highly anticipated Etiquette Lunch. Or the Elegant Lunch if you ask the Young Lady.
The students were taught basic manners and how to set a table (apparently the fact that my kids are asked to help set the table every night makes this house an anomaly). The students were required to dress up - no jeans, t-shirts, sweatshirts allowed. The Young Lady fussed with her clothes and hair this morning, planned her outfit ahead of time and borrowed a pair of my "dangly" earrings.

Definitely the most significant, worrisome and talked about part of the entire event was not about which fork to use or waiting until everyone is seated before eating. No, what had the entire group worried was this:  The boys escorted the girls from classroom to lunch room, and helped them with their chairs.
One might imagine that they were being paired up for life, such was the concern about escorts. The Young Lady's theory that they would be paired according to height proved incorrect when she was escorted by a boy about her shoulder height. Young Lady had to sort of lean over to make her arm fit into his. I wish I had my camera ready when she walked in, took a half step back and pointed down at the top of his head while giving me the "can you believe this" look.
She did enjoy herself, though, and I was impressed by all the well mannered ladies and gentlemen. As I served the potato casseroles and sweet potatoes, I heard a clear bunch of No Thank Yous.
I know that learning the Gettysburg Address and giving a report on Lewis and Clark's journey to the Pacific are good things to know, but the things the students learned for today's luncheon are making them all better people for every day.


Been there! Packages mailed, stamps purchased and cards addressed and ready to be mailed!!! WOOT WOOT!